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The scope of this page is to describe the modalities of management of the site in reference to the treatment of the personal data of the customers consult who it, which will be dealt according to rules, correctness and not surplus. Draft of informative that is rendered also according to the art. 13 of the d.lgs n. 196/2003 – Code in matter of protection of the personal data to those who they interact with the services web of Villa Cattani Stuart s.r.l., accessible for Internet leaving at the address:, correspondent to the page begins them of the official site of the Hotel Villa Cattani Stuart s.r.l. The informative web is only rendered for the site of Villa Cattani Stuart s.r.l and not also for other sites eventually consulted from the customer through link. The informative is inspired also to the Recommendation n. 2/2001 that the European authorities for the protection of the personal data, re-united in the instituted Group dall’ art. 29 of the directive n. 95/46/CE discharge, on-linens have adopted 17 May 2001 in order to characterize some requirement minimums for the collection of personal data, and, in particular, the modalities, the times and the nature of the information that the holders of the treatment must supply to the customers when these are connected to pages web, independently from the scopes of the connection.

The CHIEF OF THE TREATMENT as a result of the consultation of this site can be dealt given relative to identified persons or identifiable. The chief of their treatment it is Villa Cattani Stuart s.r.l. , that it has center in Via Trebbiantico 67 – 61122 Pesaro (PU) – Italy.

The treatments connected to the services web of this site have place near the foretold center of Villa Cattani Stuart s.r.l and are cured solo from technical staff dell’ Office person in charge of the treatment, or from eventual people in charge of occasional operations of maintenance. The treatment of the data happens on the base of their conservation in databases to us near the society, whose approached the data it is limited to the procedures of maintenance in compliance with previewed how much dall’ attached B. No data deriving from the service web comes communicated or diffused. The supplied personal data from the customers who forward demanded of shipment of informative material (newsletter, demanded of information, catalogue, Cd-rom, etc) are used to execute the service or the demanded performance and are communicated to thirds party in the single case in which this it is to such necessary aim (shipment services of the Hotel Villa Cattani Stuart s.r.l.).

Data of navigation The systems informed to us and the procedures softwarepreposte to the operation of this situated web acquire, in the course of their normal exercise, some personal data (c.d log files) whose transmission is implicit in the use of the protocols of communication of Internet. Draft of information that are not collections for being associate to interested identified, but that for they same nature could, through elaborations and associations with data stopped from thirds party, to allow to identify the customers. In this category of data or the names to dominion of the computers used from the customers re-enters IP addresses who connect themselves to the site, the addresses in notation URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the demanded resources, l’ timetable of the demand, the method used in subjecting the demand to the serveur, the dimension of the rows obtained in answer, the numerical code indicating the state of the answer given from the serveur (good aim, relative error, etc) and other parameters to the operating system and the computer science atmosphere of the customer. These data come used to gain information anonymous statistics of the use of the site and in order to control of the correct operation. The data could be used for l’ assessment of responsibility in case of hypothetical crimes informed to us to the damages of the site and could be exhibited to the Judicial authority, in case this of it makes explicit demand. Voluntarily supplied data of the customer. The optional, explicit and voluntary shipment of e-mail to the addresses indicated on this site involves the successive acquisition dell’ address of the sender, necessary in order to answer to the demands, let alone of the other inserted personal data in the missiva.
Informative detailed lists of synthesis will come progressively brought back or visualized in the pages of the site predisposed for details services at call.

To part how much specifying for the navigation data, the customer is free to supply the brought back in the application forms to Villa Cattani Stuart s.r.l or however indicated personal data in contacts with the Office in order to speed up the shipment of informative material or other communications. Theirs lacked bestowal can involve the impossibility to obtain demanded how much. For thoroughness it goes remembered that in some cases (not object of the ordinary management of this site) the Authority can demand news and information according to dell’ art 157 of the d.lgs n. 196/2003, to the aims of the control on the treatment of the personal data. In these cases the answer is obligatory to pain of administrative endorsement.

The personal data are dealt with automated instruments for the time closely necessary to achieve the scopes for which they have been collected. Specific safeguards measures are observed in order to prevent the loss of the data, use illicit or not correct and accesses not authorized.

The subjects which the personal data refer have the right anytime to obtain the confirmation of the existence or less of the same data and to know of the content and the origin, to verify some the exactitude or to ask of the integration or the modernization, or rectification (art. 7 of the d.lgs n. 196/2003). According to of the same article the right is had to ask the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the data dealt in law violation, let alone to resist

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Updated: May 24th 2018