Bike hotel: from Pesaro, the Marche region on wheels


… the passion for wheels, both bikes and motorbikes, was passed on us by our grandfather Adamo Tomassini.

Adamo Tomassini
Adamo Tomassini

Adamo owned one of the few bicycle workshops in Pesaro. He was used to welcome in his laboratory many bike lovers, who only allowed “Damin” to take care of their bicycles.
He was very meticulous, but willing to work only for people he liked and with who he built a special bonding over time. To the others, he simply and kindly pointed another workshop further up the road.
When he was not in the workshop, he was used to hop on his Triumph and get to Bologna and other circuits to watch bike racings. He was often in company of his friend Dorino Serafini, known sportsman, one of the few who won races both with Ferrari cars and Benelli bikes. Benelli is one of the oldest factories in Pesaro.

Livio Isotti
Livio Isotti

The list of his clients includes Livio Isotti – professional runner who also won one stage in the Tour the France.
We grandsons still remember our grandpa Adamo repairing a bike puncture for us, using some sandpaper, mastic and patch (“pezzolina”, as he was used to refer to). Watching him while he was fixing the inner tube was priceless and we still have a lovely memory of it.
This is why, having guests from over 50 Countries who are passionate for bikes and we being lovers (we pratice it, we enjoy it but only as… amateurs) of this sport, we decided in 2017 to implement the hotel with a more qualified service, creating and area equipped for cyclists.

Description of services


For those who love cycle tourism on two wheels, the Hotel Villa Cattani Stuart in Pesaro, Marche Region, is perfect for a holiday on wheels. Our hotel is surrounded by a 9 hectares-secular park, with a sea view, and a special breakfast, with high quality products chosen directly by our Chef Matteo Volpini.

amante della mountain bike che corre a Pesaro

From here, only a few steps away from the Tour of Italy, you can go through some paths traced by our Bike Manager, for some invigorating adventure in our hinterland.
Pesaro is the town of the “Bicipolitana”, a circuit of cycle tracks which follows, in the structure, the subways of Italian and European big cities. Hundreds of kilometers of roads, paths and tracks, suitable both for mountain bikes lovers and people who have a passion for road bikes. Take your bike with you if you want to. In any case, you will find anything you need in our hotel.

Ospite del nostro bike hotel che alza la bici verso il mare a pesaro

A mild climate and gentle slopes make this part of the Marche Region particularly suitable for rides deep in the wonderful landskapes. You could also rest for a while to enjoy the sea, from the cliff on the San Bartolo hill, unique in the Adriatic Coast, or to visit one of the many Medioeval villages nearby rich in history and culture. Prepare to be amazed!!
To enjoy all the activities we organize in our Bike Hotel, you do not need to be a professional biker! Our services and bike tutors are there for you, no matter your level of expertise.

Basic and “on request” bike services

  • Cycling guides for excursion (from 2 to 8 ppl per guide)
  • Cycleways and route maps 
  • Specially-made cycleways created by our bike manager, according to the group requests
  • Guarded bike storage, with individual locks and video surveillance
  • Changing room with locker
  • Possibility to buy specific products
  • Kitchen available in the lounge room zone
  • Cool-down area with treadmill and massage zone
  • Equipped workshop for repairs and ordinary maintenance
  • Equipped washing area
  • Laundry service
  • Agreemsnts with local sport shops
  • “Sport” menus
  • Guided tours for enogastrononic tastings, discovering the territory and its specialities
  • Agreement for e-bikes renting, with guide
  • Medical and physiotherapy assistance

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